Fast Food and Obesity Are Conquering the World

Fast food is taking the world by storm, and so is obesity. It is sad that most people don’t see the relationship between them. Eliminating fast food was one of the main ways I cured my obesity. I lost 60 pounds in 6 months by eliminating restaurant food, junk food, and MSG.

Why Does Fast Food Cause Obesity?

1) Fast food contains large amounts of added sugar making the calorie count very high. Sugar makes food taste good, so they add tons of it to everything. Value meals can top 2,000 calories. This is more calories than some people should consume in a day. I remember days when I would grab a value meal for lunch, and my wife would bring one home for dinner because she didn’t feel like cooking.

2) Fast food contains obesity-causing additives like monosodium glutamate (MSG). MSG also makes food taste good. Fast food restaurants, and almost all other restaurants, use lots of MSG. It is their “secret recipe.” MSG causes hunger, hypothyroidism, hyperinsulinemia, and food addiction. MSG directly causes obesity.

3) Fast food is processed beyond recognition and devoid of nutrition. If people really knew the origins of their favorite meals, they might think twice about eating them. They use the absolute worst quality cuts of meat and ingredients. These cheap meats often come from animals who were near death anyway.

Old egg laying hens that can’t lay eggs any more are used for chicken nuggets by some restaurants. These are chickens from egg batteries who were fed disgusting diets of recycled feces, grains, antibiotics, and hormones to increase egg production. Chickens in egg batteries live in a very small cage so that the eggs they lay roll onto a conveyor belt. These are not free range chickens. After a life of eating a completely unnatural diet, they are, stripped, ground up, boiled, artificially flavored, pressed back together, deep fried, and frozen. Before they are served to you, they are deep fried again.

The ground beef is a similar story. It is usually from the left over parts that no one else wants. It can contain organs and even testicles. It is also ground up, boiled down, artificially flavored, packed with sugar and MSG, frozen and shipped.

Even the salads and grilled chicken are pretty bad. To make these bad pieces of chicken palatable, they are usually pressure cooked with MSG, sugar, and artificial flavors. Salad dressings always contain MSG. Light, low calorie, and low fat dressings usually contain extra MSG to make up for the lack of flavor.

Fast Food and Obesity are Spreading Around the World

Obesity problems are just one step behind American food. During my travels to Asia, I noticed more and more overweight and obese people. Child obesity is a growing problem too. I purposely paid attention while driving by, and noticed many overweight people eating at American restaurants.

The people I worked with noticed that I was losing weight. When they asked me how I was doing it, I told them I quit eating American food. That usually got a surprised reaction. The overweight Asians I worked with all talked to me at one point or another. I quizzed them about their diets, and they all admitted to eating fast food and junk food.

The relationship between fast food and obesity is impossible to ignore. I have completely sworn off fast food for the rest of my life.