13 Best Food Destinations Around The World

Farm-to-table- Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is blessed with lavish agricultural lands accompanied by a growing climate. The city offers a variety of regional produce from all across the British Columbia. The local markets are flooded with fresh and colorful, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Try exclusive seasonal menus and recipes like Northern Divine Caviar and Gem oysters at Farmer’s Apprentice.

Fine Dining Restaurants, Lima, Peru

There are three restaurants- Central, Maido, and Astrid & Gaston, have already made their way to the top 50 restaurants in the world. All the three restaurants embark you on a journey through the elegance of the Peruvian heritage.

King of Meats- Montevideo, Uruguay

A nation of 12 million cattle, Uruguay serves best grass-fed beef of the world. Mercado del Puerto, one of the old port market in Montevideo offers its tourists a wide variety of meats from chorizo, achuras (offals), morcilla (blood sausages) to sizzling sausages and Uruguayan pesto and a lot more.

Raw Food- Sydney, Australia

With a vibrant sunny climate, the country gives an easy access to fresh produce, fruits, and vegetables. Try zucchini pasta at the restaurant, specialitiesEarth to Table and raw Caramel Choc Chunk cakes at Pana Chocolate. Raw Bar, a restaurant near Bondi beach serves some raw Japanese cuisine. The Parisi Cafe treats the tourists with raw food smoothie.

Street Food- Hanoi, Vietnam

A lot of people across the world visit Vietnam just to taste its street food. Vietnam is considered as the land of street food. Take a food tour in the noisy markets in the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi where you will find street hawkers, food carts, and cafes at almost every turn that serves you witspecialties. If you are planning a vacation in Vietnam, do not forget to try Hidden Hanoi’s Bun Cha (noodles with barbecued pork) and Cafe Giang’s traditional coffee especially made with egg whites.

Go Vegan- Berlin, Germany

To all the vegans out there, go and try out the pure vegan options in the capital city of Germany. Veganz, an all-vegetarian supermarket chain welcomes its tourists with a diverse vegan culinary scene. Try booking a table at Lucky Leek for fine dining.

Offbeat Dining Experience- Tokyo, Japan

Are you looking for some unusual tourist places that offer you some exciting dining experience? From having your meal in a handcuffed prison at Alcatraz E.R. to watching robot fights at Robot Restaurant, Tokyo has something for everyone. Not just the fine dining, the country also offers some unusual snacks like seaweed sandwiches and octopus ice-cream.

Take Some Sweet Treats- Paris, France

This summer, plan a family trip to Paris and delight your sweet tooth with a wide range of freshly-baked cookies, candies, hot chocolates, pastries and much more. You will find a sweet shop every hundred feet in the streets of Paris. Treat yourself to a sweet macaroon at Laduree, famed hot chocolate at the Cafe Angelina, and the Ispahan croissant at Pierre Herme.

It is very obvious that you are going to eat something no matter where you are travelling. If you are one of those people who wish to make the food an important part of your trip, then consider heading to some of the best food destinations in

Raising Your Own Flock of Egg Laying Chickens – How to Build a Chicken Coop

Deciding to become more self reliant and raise a flock of egg laying chickens is a great idea but it does mean that you have to figure out how to build a chicken coop.

When I first decided to start raising egg laying chickens, I was completely unprepared and I think I made every mistake you could make. I literally decided that I would love to raise chickens in my backyard after spending one afternoon watching my friend’s chickens.

I came home that afternoon all excited about having chickens running around in my backyard and conveniently forgot that I had no idea how to build a chicken coop! I ordered my first batch of chicks online and eagerly awaited their arrival. Let’s just say that it was a disaster from the start.

At any rate, once I got straightened out, I realized that I needed to figure out how to build a chicken coop and I panicked! I like to try and figure out how to do things on my own but honestly, I had never built anything as large as a hen house or whatever you want to call it.

So I went to my local hardware store where I found a few kits that I could order. But after looking at the basic designs, I decided that I wanted something more original. I didn’t want my chicken coop to look like everyone else’s. Not that I wanted anything big and fancy but I wanted it to be unique and I really liked the idea of finding chicken coop blueprints online and building it myself.

So, that’s what I did. I eventually had to cave in and ask my father to help me figure out the chicken coop blueprints. He can build just about anything and he also had a lot of great ideas that we were able to incorporate. I was really happy with the final results and my chickens and roosters love it. As a matter of fact, I ended up building three smaller chicken coops and runs because I was always needing someplace to keep bickering chickens or new chicks or injured hens, etc. I even have one hen house that I use to raise my chicks in once they are ready to go outside.

Raising your own egg laying chickens is a great way to become more self reliant and less dependent on your local grocery store. You will never get rich from raising chickens in your back yard but I love knowing where my food is coming from.

Get a Continual Flow of Freshly Produced Free Healthy Eggs by Raising Laying Chickens at Home

Raising laying chickens can be much easier than you might think and to be able to enjoy fresh healthy free range eggs from your own hens is something everyone should be able to experience. There is nothing quite like the taste of your very own free range eggs and they will taste all the more special because of the time you put into accommodate laying chickens.

Not so long ago the idea of keeping chickens anywhere other than a farm or small holding might have seemed a little strange but in today’s modern society we are all looking for ways to get the best out of our lives and contributing in any way we can, so one way of doing this is to have access to foods that are nutritionally beneficial.

Free range eggs are an absolutely amazing whole food in a small neat package. They are so versatile in the number of ways in which they can be incorporated into your diet and the health benefits are many and should not be under estimated. So, imagine that you have the opportunity to provide yourself with an almost unlimited supply and have the satisfaction of knowing that you had such influence over them being laid in the first place.

The wealth of information available to help start you on the road in keeping your chickens is very easily accessed; the knowledge that once upon a time passed from generation to generation is now there at the touch of a button. A culmination of years of experience all there for you to see and you really are able to benefit from other peoples’ mistakes and totally avoid them yourself.

To be able to have the benefit of other experienced chicken keepers knowledge is an amazing gift and can be used very simply and easily and applied to your brood to produce the best results.

As with keeping all animals and chickens are no different, they will have certain requirements and by addressing these correctly you will be able to keep them happy, healthy and also encourage good egg laying.

By providing your chickens with housing that has adequate ventilation and lighting for a start you will be on the right track to seeing the fruits of your labour and as long as you are prepared to be versatile in your approach to your chickens accommodation you can provide any number of ramps, perches, walkways and bed boxes to suit their specific requirements you really will benefit very quickly.

So, by raising laying chickens that produce amazing and wonderful free range eggs that you really can taste the goodness in; you can bring yourself closer to nature by enjoying all the health benefits of your eggs that would otherwise have missed out on if you had never decided on keeping your own chickens.